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MiSTEM Network


The acronym STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. It is the process of teaching that integrates these four disciplines to promote real-world experience, teamwork, and the authentic application of technology.

K-12 Science information and resources for teachers (prerequisite knowledge for integrated STEM).


K-12 Technology information for teachers (prerequisite knowledge for integrated STEM).


K-12 Engineering information and resources for teachers


Math resources for integrated STEM in K-12 grades

2021 MiSTEM Passport FINAL_Page_1.png

Help make your summer memorable by checking out these super STEM venues!  Most of them are free or low cost for a STEM experience to remember. Click on the name of any of the places to see to be taken to their website for information about what things they offer and directions to get there.



Upload a selfie here with something identifiable in the photo to show where you are. For every three uploads, you will be entered into a drawing for some amazing prizes!  

Family pass to Binder Park Zoo

  • 3 $100 gift cards

  • 4 $50 gift cards

  • 6 $25 gift cards


Have fun with STEM!



The Council report lists four pillars as necessary components to establish a system that will produce STEM-equipped students and educators. These pillars are: create a STEM culture, empower STEM teachers, integrate business and education, and ensure high quality STEM experiences. The work of the MiSTEM Network is to build on existing STEM networks to create a STEM ecosystem that supports and implements the components outlined in the four pillars.

The four pillars are as follows:
  1. Create a robust STEM culture

  2. Empower STEM teachers

  3. Integrate business and education into the STEM network

  4. Ensure high quality STEM experiences for pupils

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